Ishan Tankha

Indian photographer Ishan Tankha has twice ridden alongside travellers on the railway line linking Mumbai, one of the planet's most populated megacities, and the coastal regions of Konkan. A photographic journey that highlights the intense movement of people, forms of habitat and beliefs between Mumbai and the other cities and villages of the Konkan region, challenging the notion of irreversible mobility from the countryside towards cities.


Guillaume Logé , Researcher in Art History and Environmental Sciences

The Mobile Lives Forum entrusted anthropologist Rahul Srivastava and economist Matias Echanove (of the Indian agency Urbanology) with a research project, which they worked on in collaboration with photojournalist Ishan Tankha. This project focuses on the mobility between Mumbai (Bombay), one of the planet’s most populated megacities (...)

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Our journey explores the Konkan coastal region in Western India. It begins from Mumbai and travels down the coast upto Mangalore traversing Roha, Chiplun, the Kondhe village and Goa.

The Khule family leaves Bhandup, in Mumbai, to join Kondhe, its ancestral village.

Leaving Mumbai for Roha

Pen vegetable market, near Roha


On the train we meet many like Karam Bele, a recently retired employee of Bank of India who travels regularly on the Konkan line between Mumbai and Roha to see his son, who works there. In the same compartment is also Vijit who coincidently has just been employed by the Bank of India and is on his way to join work in Chiplun. Or Avinash Tripathi, a real estate consultant on the train, going to see some land with a client near Vapi which is one hour away from Chiplun near the train tracks. He feels it's going to be a great investment.

For working people like Vijay Sutar, a sculptor artist who makes a living making religious idols, the regular train service has meant he can reach clients from much further away than before. The train also serves as a working ground for many like Sunny Agarwal and Sukhveer who come down all the way from Uttar Pradesh to sell costume jewelers and trinkets.


The Khules get off the train at Chiplun station and join the rest of their family in the village of Kondhe further down the road.

Thivim, Goa



For Mangalore beach lifeguard Roshan, this is hopefuly a temporary job. His friend Pratham Chandra is now going to Qatar to be a lifeguard in a hotel.

Guided tours.

Researchers in social sciences and artists select part of artwork and comment under the prism of their knowledge, sensibility and discipline.

Guided tour

Rahul Srivastava & Matias Echanove

Anthropologist & Economist

Durée : 06:01

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