Women's mobility at play in the theatre of Algiers

Khadidja Boussaïd


Khadidja Markemal

In collaboration with Esma Mezoued

To represent female mobility in Algiers, it is important to consider both the traditional codes of Algerian society and the individual aspirations of Algerian women. Sociologist Khadidja Boussaïd and photographer Khadidja Markemal set out to meet the women of Algiers. They investigated their strategies for moving through the capital's public space, navigating the fine line between respect for traditional rules and emancipation. At the end of the exhibition, discover the Guided Audio Tour by sociologist Khadidja Boussaïd who presents her research on female mobility, and an Audio Tour by psychiatrist Esma Mezoued who gives her own outlook on the project.

About the exhibition

Hélène Jagot , Director of the Museums of Tours (France)

Algiers the White. A city where women and men cross paths in the hustle and bustle of traffic and competing voices, in the tumultuous streets with open shops overflowing with all kinds of foods, in markets where people exchange, negotiate and argue.

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"The center of gravity, the cornerstone, the center of the empire, the hub of the problem, the G-spot, the heart of the watermelon, Algiers is all that and more." Chawki Amari

The time of everyday life, freedom through movement

The time of religion, owning the night

The time of the holidays, the quest for new spaces

Guided tours.

Researchers in social sciences and artists select part of artwork and comment under the prism of their knowledge, sensibility and discipline.

Guided tour

Khadidja Boussaid


Durée : 09:08

Guided tour

Esma Mezoued


Durée : 06:46

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