On the road with the Macron buses

Benjamin Cayzac

For several weeks, the young photographer Benjamin Cayzac traveled the roads of France aboard the “Macron buses,” this new transport service established by the Macron law of 2015. Through his lens, we discover the experience of travelling on these buses, on journeys which are often long, not always comfortable, but full of encounters and offering a perfect opportunity to slow down and refocus on oneself, for the duration of the trip. This photo report brings a sensitive dimension to the Forum’s research project that sought to understand who the users of these coaches were and how they experienced this mode of transport. At the end of the exhibition, discover the guided tours offered by photographer Benjamin Cayzac and urban planner Léa Lambert, who took part in the research on the Macron Buses.


About the exhibition

Hélène Jagot , Director of the Museums of Tours (France)

Travel, isn’t that the first step towards freedom?

This epigraph could have been a slogan for the Macron buses created following the enactment of the 2015 French law on “economic growth, activity and equal opportunities.” The liberalization of the coach travel industry was clearly intended to enhance the mobility of low-income individuals by developing a low-cost service, the idea being that this option would benefit those who have more time to spare than money.

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Guided tours.

Researchers in social sciences and artists select part of artwork and comment under the prism of their knowledge, sensibility and discipline.

Guided tour

Léa Lambert

Urban planner

Durée : 07:11

Guided tour

Benjamin Cayzac


Durée : 06:14

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