Neo-nomads : a lifestyle of the future ?

Ferjeux van der Stigghel

Ferjeux van der Stigghel spent several years travelling around France with “neo-nomads,” photographing these invisible members of society who, outside of the Gypsy or Romani traditions, abandon sedentary living for mobile habitats. A futur lifestyle ? This virtual exhibition is set within a Mobile Lives Forum research project which you can find here : NoLand’s man.


Guillaume Logé , Researcher in History and theory of art

We call them neo-nomads, these men and women who would rather outfit a truck or trailer than a house, and whose movements are governed as much by work obligations as by the desire to change their relationship to the world. From 2012 to 2016 (...)

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Guided tours.

Researchers in social sciences and artists select part of artwork and comment under the prism of their knowledge, sensibility and discipline.

Guided tour

Ferjeux van der Stigghel


Durée : 04:43

Guided tour

Arnaud Le Marchand

Economist (specialty : mobile workers)

Durée : 09:48

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